Quality of eggs can not be the same and since different layer farms packed the eggs differently; This resulted in many egg prices, even in the same city.

These prices can differ up to Rp300/kg.

Several aspects which have influence on the egg price are :
- Cleanliness of the egg  (clean or dirty)
- Colour of the egg  (dark brown or light brown)
- How is the packing  (are dented eggs also packed)
- How accurate is the weight of every pack  (less than it should be?)

Below are the egg prices (from different reliable sources) for several cities in East Java :

Date :  30 Mei, 2016
Minimum quantity 1.000kg, ex. Farm

C I T Y P R I C E [ /Kg ]
Blitar Rp. 19.000 – Rp. 19.400
Pare Rp. 19.100 – Rp. 19.500
Malang Rp. 20.200 – Rp. 20.500
Pasuruan Rp. 19.500 – Rp. 19.800
Surabaya Rp. 19.600 – Rp. 20.000