Quality of eggs can not be the same and since different layer farms packed the eggs differently; This resulted in many egg prices, even in the same city

These prices can differ up to Rp 300 /kg

Several aspects which have influence on the egg price are :
- Colour of the egg  (dark brown or light brown)
- How is the packing  (are dented eggs also packed)
- How accurate is the weight of every pack  (less than it should be?)
- Egg Size (large or small)
- New or old stock

Below are the egg prices :

Date :  22 September, 2018
Minimum quantity 1.000kg, ex. Farm

C I T Y P R I C E [ /Kg ]
Lampung Rp 18.500
Palembang Rp 17.500
Jabodetabek Rp 18.600
Sukabumi Rp 18.500
Cianjur Rp 18.000
Bandung Rp 17.800
Ciamis Rp 18.000
Purwokerto Rp 16.900
Kendal Rp 16.900
Semarang Rp 17.000
Salatiga Rp 17.000
Solo Rp 16.300
Jogja Rp 17.300
Magelang Rp 16.800
Pacitan Rp 16.600
Magetan Rp 16.400
Madiun Rp 16.600
Ponorogo Rp 16.200
Kediri Rp 16.000
Pare Rp 16.000
Blitar Rp 15.800
Jombang Rp 16.700
Malang Rp 16.600
Surabaya Rp 16.500
Jember Rp 16.600
Banyuwangi Rp 16.600
Madura Rp 17.800

Sources :  Pinsar Petelur Nasional (PPN)